Captain Christopher Stobbs

Signals officer felt well-supported by Canadian Army in the face of personal tragedy

Edmonton, Alberta — As he boarded a plane to report for basic training with the Canadian Army 13 years ago, Captain Christopher Stobbs remembers how he comforted his mother who cried as if he were going off to war. They had no way of knowing that grief and loss from an entirely different direction was on the horizon for the Edmonton family.

Sergeant Joan Buchanan

Retired sergeant continues to make a difference

Ottawa, Ontario — Jamaican-born, Sergeant (Retired) Joan Buchanan joined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in 1987 and was assigned as a Resource Management Systems (RMS) clerk. She has many memorable moments to share from her 27-year career in the CA). The first of several that come to mind when she is asked to name her best day occurred during her deployment to Bosnia-Herzegovina from 2000 to 2001 with the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI).

Canadian Army divers

Army divers are muddy water divers – every dive is like a night dive

Ottawa, Ontario — Imagine sitting on the dive boat all geared up and ready for entry into the water. It’s a nice warm sunny day and the task at hand is a relatively easy one. The dive supervisor has done his checks and you and your dive buddy are told to enter the water and dive.

Western Canada

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