Chuck LaRocque and Gunner Kyle Timm

Ninety seconds, $50,000: Artillery Museum wins medals at auction

Shilo, Manitoba —It wasn’t Christmas, but Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) Museum director, Andrew Oakden, received a special gift: medals once worn by legendary artillery officer Major-General Tom Strange.

Master Corporal Shaina Ryan

Aldershot Reservist joins the Platinum club

Aldershot, Nova Scotia — Master Corporal Shaina Ryan didn’t fully embrace physical fitness until she joined the Canadian Army Reserve, but can now stand proudly among the country’s fittest soldiers.

Liz Hoffman Memorial Commendation plaque

“Diversity is our strength,” says Liz Hoffman Commendation recipient

Borden, Ontario —It’s written on the whiteboard at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy (CFMPA).  And it’s a statement that Chief Warrant Officer David Ridley lives by: ‘diversity is our strength’.

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